Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review- Fear of Flying by Erica Jong

This is a book that I have had on my shelf for a few years. I obtained the book from my brother in law when he moved into his house and there were boxes of books that the previous owner left there. He threw a few boxes out before my husband was able to tell him I would take them. I think I got lucky getting this book.

I decided to read Fear of Flying for a change of pace. I sure chose the right book for that. When I started reading Fear of Flying the title of the first chapter caught my attention. I have read books with cursing in them before but not one with it in the title. That didn't stop me from continueing the book, that made me more interested.

If you are needing a change in what you have been reading then pick up Fear of Flying. Fear of Flying is a story of what a woman really thinks about when it comes to sex. I found myself laughing inside while reading Fear of Flying.

Isadora is the lead female character who is married to Bennett, an analyist. Isadora is a writer. The revolves around Isadora and her feelings about family, sex and what she really wants out of life. Her sisters think she should stop writing and start a family. Isadora doesn't want to become like her sisters yet.

Fear of Flying was an enjoyable read even though at times I felt confused or lost in the story. I give Fear of Flying 3 1/2 stars out of 5 because of my getting lost or confused.
I did enjoy the book I just don't know if it will be one that I will re-read anytime soon.