Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

This is my first Agatha Christie book. I have been informed by many people that I would love Agatha Christie's books. I admit that is true. I started The Body in the Library this morning. Every free moment I had I was reading the book.

How would you react to finding a body in your library? I don't know if I would be as calm as the woman in this book. Mrs. Bantry was thrilled with finding a body in her library. This was her chance to be a sleuth. That is what she was eager for.

The Body in the Library is a Miss Marple Mystery. Miss Marple is the sleuth in the village of St. Mary Mead. Mrs. Bantry calls Miss Marple up to the house when the body is found.

I enjoyed the book except for the parts that were written in French. Since I have never taken French some of the jokes were lost on me. Ms. Christie's writing style is one that is new to me. The book was a nice easy week end read.

5 stars since I didn't know until the very end who the murderer was..

I borrowed this book from the library and since reading this book I have started to purchase Agatha Christie books from the book store.

The Outlander by Gil Adamson

This book I had started reading and then had my rough patch that I was going through and had trouble concentrating on the book that is why it took so long to read it.

It took me a long time to read this book just because I went through a rough patch in July and Aug. I had borrowed the book from the library in the beginning of July and was really enjoying it when my life took a turn for the worse. I just couldn't read any books with out crying or not knowing what I was reading. I finally had to return the book and waited a few months before I borrowed it again. I am glad I waited and didn't try to read it or just gave up on it.

I really enjoyed the book. The Outlander is the story of a woman in the early 1900's. The story starts with her running from her brother-in-laws. She goes through all these changes as she is on the run. The woman is Mary Boulton. She is a widow.

On her journey she meets many interesting people and really discovers things about herself that she didn't know before. I found myself as I read this book wanting things to work out for her. I was pleased with most of the book except for the end. I felt a little bit was missing. I don't know what it was. I just know I wanted to know what happened with the brother-in-laws, otherwise it was a good book and well worth the time to read.

3 1/2 stars

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret was recommended to me by a friend on Facebook because of something very difficult I am going through. He just kept going on how the book changed his life and that how what you are thinking and feeling is what will happen. I went into reading the book with skepticism. The basis of the book is the Secret to living a wonderful life and being able to receive everything you want and deserve.

As I was reading the book I noticed how my emotions were influencing the things around me. I started to tune into my feelings and try to think positive thoughts. I noticed myself starting to feel better and getting happier as I read the book. I know that I will use this book as a reference when ever I feel negative feelings or thoughts. I am not going to try and persuade anyone that this book is the meaning to life. I will tell you that The Secret is a great book to help you find the real you and to discover the positive energy from with in you. So I would recommend reading The Secret for some great soul searching and healing.

I read this book back in Sept. and Oct. when I had a very difficult situation I was going through. I have to say that this book did help me get through that rough time and has changed the way I view some things in my life and life in general. I cannot say that this book changed my situation and made things better. I do believe it helped but that is all it did for me.

4 stars

Act Like a Gentleman, Think Like a Woman by Maria Bustillos

Well this was a fantastic book!! I won the book in the Library Thing Member Giveaway program and was looking forward to reading it. I have yet to read Steve Harvey's book that this book is written in response to. I will be reading Steve Harvey's book soon. Act like a Gentleman, Think like a Woman was a very entertaining read even though I am a woman. I could see myself in some of the descriptions of the different types of woman she talks about. I know I am not a Patsy, the name she gives to the woman that every man wants.

Maria writes that Steve's book is talking about how all women want is to get the ring from the guy. She counters with the fact that all men want is to get laid. I found myself laughing while reading the book, because of the things she revealed about women and saying how we love to hear how beautiful we are and that it should be all about us. I have to agree and disagree with that. It is great when a guy praises you and flatters you but sometimes it can get very annoying if it is the only thing that they talk about. I realized that when my hubby says things like that, that I do get turned on. It is nice to hear, we sometimes need to be praised to continue to be happy. At least that is what I noticed in myself while reading this book.

I don't know if everything will work in this book for a guy to find that Patsy so that he can get laid. I will say if you find the girl she describes then you should have no problem with getting what you want.

5 stars

Look Great, Live Green by Deborah Burnes

I have to thank the publisher for emailing me about this book. I am glad I decided to read and review this book. I found the book very interesting and informative.

When I first started this book I thought it was just going to be someone trying to tell me how I should be using certain types of personal care products and pushing their own products on me. I was truly mistaken. Look Great, Live Green is a book that teaches and informs you of the misconceptions we have been raised to believe. I found the book well written and easy to follow while reading.

If you are trying to figure out why your skin keeps looking older, dryer or just not what you are use it is most likely due to the so called 'natural' products you are currently using. Most of the cosmetics out there are not as natural as you may think. I learned that some of the products that I have now are not as natural as I thought. Anyone that is interested in saving money, time, their skin, and the environment should take a look at this book.

Deborah Burnes has her own line of personal care products that are natural. She did not force her products on you as you read the book. Deborah rates products from, Good, Better and Best. Some categories do just have Better or Best because she felt that was adequate. She also tells you not to try and change everything at once, you need to find your comfort zone and the products that are right for you.

There is a chapter on recipes to create your own natural products which I hope to try sometime. The end of the book lists resources to do research on your own. There is also a section that lists the natural products and there benefits plus a list of toxic ingredients and the cautions on how to handle them, if they are accidentally ingested or make contact with certain parts of the body and some diseases they are linked to. Now just reading those sections makes me not want to use the non natural products just out of fear of really causing severe injuries.

5 stars

Highland Hearts by Virginia Brown

This book I am giving away over at in the member giveaway of the Early Review program. I also registered it with so it has a BCID number so whomever wins can journal it on there and possibly send it to someone else or leave it somewhere in the wild.

I finally finished this book. This book took me awhile to get into the characters and just the story itself. This book started off slow for me with not much action or love interest. Once the story got interesting I was able to read the book without feeling like a chore.

This is the story of a Scottish Lass named Lianna. She is a proper lass and educated, she is just a naive young lady about life, relationships and the such. Lianna and her cousin Mary are watching these soldiers march into Glencoe when Lianna falls into the arms of a very handsome Scottish fellow, Cameron. Right from that moment you know that they have feelings for each other but it felt so boring.

Once the massacre happens at Glencoe is when the love and romance really start to show and bloom. Lianna and Cameron are trying to survive in the highlands while a blizzard is happening. This is when the story moved for me, most of the time. I skipped a lot of the little descriptions about their surroundings because it felt very boring and not interesting at all.

Not a book that I want to keep. I gave it 2 1/1 stars

Here's to you Rachel Robinson by Judy Blume

One thing about my blog is that I try to post all book reviews, whether they are new or old books. I know I haven't been posting them as much lately, it is just that I have been busy with the holidays and the new year. I am going to post most of my reviews that I wrote since May of 2009. Hopefully I will be better this year with posting all of them on time. Here are my thoughts on Here's to you Rachel Robinson, a kids book.

You may wonder why I decided to read a kids/childrens book, well it is because I was doing a challenge last year and one of the categories was to read YA/Children books. It is nice to see what you think of a book that you had when you were little now that you are older.

This is a very nice easy read for young pre-teens. I read the book just because I wanted a nice light easy read. I found myself laughing at the girls in the book as I remembered acting sometimes like them.

Rachel Robinson is a 13 year old girl who is highly intelligent and loves to learn. She is the youngest of the children in her family. She has an older brother who she finds annoying. I am sure many sisters would agree that their brother would be annoying too.

Rachel has two friends who she shares almost everything with. Her friends find her brother cute and interesting which makes her mad at them sometimes.
41/2 stars