Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Expendables - Movie Review

I went tonight and saw this movie and I have to say I loved it. I found it entertaining and action packed. I am usually not a big fan of Sly Stallone but this movie had many more attractions to it. Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke and many more.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised as to how many one liners this movie had. Seeing the heads blown off the bodies was fantastic. The martial arts moves that all the actors performed was awesome.

I was sorry that Bruce Willis didn't get any fighting in this movie but it was nice just to see him in the film. The expendables are a group of guys that go in and rescue or stop things from happening. Sly is the lead of the group. He is the one that arranges the jobs.

Jason Stratham's character was unbelievable. All I have to say is he can be my man any day. Just the way he defended his friends and his girl were unforgettable.

If you like a movie with action, romance (yes there is some) and a few laughs then you should go see Expendables.

I know it surprises you that I would say romance. When I say romance I mean there are a few love interests in the movie. And that is why Sly goes back to the island to rescue a girl. Action movies always seem to turn into a chick flick.

I give it 4 1/2 stars

French Cuisine?

Well I just finished reading Julie and Julia, the book about the blogger that decided to cook all the recipes in Master the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. I don't even know where to begin with this review. I didn't love the book that is one thing. I didn't really hate the book either. I just know that I will never try to Master the Art of French Cooking. I like to cook but I wouldn't want to torture myself or anyone that I am cooking for either.

I had decided to read Julie and Julia since I had seen parts of the movie already. I enjoyed most of the movie that I have seen. I hope to watch the movie from beginning to end at some point then I can give a better review of the movie.

There are a few things that I didn't care for in the book and that was the ramblings of Julie. The book just felt like she did a lot of rambling and whining. She would complain about her real job, her decision to do this project, her friends, her biological clock ticking away, her mother, etc. You name it she complained about it. It was funny at first but after awhile it became annoying and I noticed that I would skim over those parts. Julie also had a very foul mouth during this project, whether this is a reflection of how she really handles stress or her actual personality I really can't say. I just know that saying the 'f' word as often as she did just doesn't make me think of her as a lady or female.

I would love to hear from some of her followers from the blog. It would be interesting to really just see what they found so fascinating about her project let alone how they actually found the blog and decided to stick with her through the whole project.

I can not tell you to read or not to read this book. You have to decide for yourself because it is not something I feel everyone will enjoy reading. I am not one that will only read so many pages before I decide to stop reading. I will read a book to the end so that I can give it a full review. I may soon decide to start saying that if I am not enjoying the book from either 50 to 100 pages in then I should stop reading the book.

If you love to cook you may enjoy reading this book. If you have Master the Art of French Cooking you may be able to enjoy the book even more since you will undoubtedly be familiar with all if not most of the recipes Julie attempts. I have to give this book about 2 stars. Just not my cup of tea...

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am back!!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, yet. I have been busy with work and life. I also have had problems with the computer and I finally got my new one set up. My Apple died on me again, and I am sad. I hope to get either a new one or to get the Apple fixed again.

I am currently reading 4 books. I am reading Julie & Julia, King Lear, Their Eyes were Watching God, and I always forget the 4th book. I am also reading an e-Book called Cape Refuge. I have been reading that one for awhile because I only read it when I don't have any other book on me, which is very rare. I don't have a kindle, nook or any e-Reader. I use my i-Phone and it is hard to read that for long.

Maybe some of you could help me with a decision of whether to buy an e-reader or not. The reasons I am thinking of buying an e-reader are because I will most likely be looking for a new place to live and I don't know if I will have much space to store my actual books. Plus I like the idea of having something else besides reading actual books. I love books but if I don't have the space for them I don't want to be limited to what I can borrow from the library.

So any one out there have an suggestions please post a comment. I hope to have a review posted sometime soon.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks- my review

Nights in Rodanthe is another love story by Nicholas Sparks. Adrienne Willis and Paul Flanner are the main characters in Nights in Rodanthe.

Adrienne's husband abandons her for a younger woman and she is heartbroken over it. She is trying to figure out who she is now. Adrienne goes to Rodanthe to look after her friends Inn. Adrienne is hoping to have a relaxing time in Rodanthe except for the major storm that is forecasted. Paul is a doctor who has recently sold his medical practice so that he can go to Ecuador to be with his son and to hopefully repair their relationship.

You can feel the spark between Paul and Adrienne as you read Nights in Rodanthe. With the nor'easter forecast Paul and Adrienne have to prepare the Inn to protect it from the storm. Paul and Adrienne whether the storm together and they get closer very close.

I found myself able to relate to Adrienne in the aspect of having her husband leave her for a younger woman. I was able to understand Adrienne's emotions and her behavior. This made Nights in Rodanthe a pleasure to read.

4 1/2 stars

Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey- My review...

This book has been sitting on my TBR pile for about a year and I decided to read this book now for a few reasons. One of the reasons is I had seen Steve Harvey on the Dr. Phil Show promoting this very book. Reason number 2 is with the problems I am currently having in my marriage I thought this book could possibly enlighten me about men. Now you know there is a third reason, always a third reason. The third reason is because I had read Maria Bastillo's book Act Like a Gentleman, Think Like a Woman, (Absolutely wonderful book), which was written in response to this book. Those are the reasons I decided to read Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man.

So far I have to say this book is funny, informative and is proof that women are superior to men. Okay now that I have your attention you maybe asking yourself why I say women are superior to men. I will just say that is my opinion. The reason I feel that way is because from just reading 50 pages, I feel that men have no depth to their personalities. Women can handle a lot while a man can only handle 3 things and that is to Profess their love for you, (possibly only once in a blue moon), provide for you and protect you and that is it. Men think that is all that matters, those are important yet a true man can grow and learn to add more to their personalities. Women are able to achieve those 3 elements and also include nurturing, listening, friendship and we can also make sure you get the best damn "cookie" in the bedroom without thinking of ourselves. Yes that is how I feel from reading 50 pages.

Now this book is written in 3 parts. Part 1 is the Mind Set of a Man. My first two paragraphs about sum that section up. Part 2: Why Men do What they do. I could say a few choice words or statements to answer this question but I will wait till late to voice them. Part 3: The Playbook: How to win the Game (Do we really want to?). By winning the game Steve is implying that all women want is the ring.

So I have read part 2 and still I believe that women are superior to men. I also feel that men are very self centered. Now part two discusses Why men are the way they are. Well I will try to say this as nice as possible,Men don't think with their brains, they think with their... you know what they think with. In this book Steve Harvey "enlightens" women to the fact that men do what they do because they can. I have to say that is true, or better yet I will say me do what they do because they think they can. This section informs us that men only want one thing from women and I don't have to tell you what it is. Men also think about women in two ways either a Keeper or a Throw back. Also covered in this section is Why Men Cheat. From personal experience I have to say men cheat because they are a**holes, idiots, and only care about themselves. I do have to say that I found the cheating chapter informative and did help me in realizing that I don't want to be with a man who cheats. Once a man cheats he is always going to be a cheater. Even after being married for 21 years, he will always be a cheater. This section can be helpful if you are open to actually realizing that things about yourself, men and how you handle relationships.

Now onto the Playbook, so that us women can win the true man of our dreams!!! I have to tell you I wrote in this book. Don't get mad or angry, I usually don't write in books but this section allows it and so I decided to do it. So that I can set my standards and get the respect I deserve from a man.

The third section tells us how to get the final prize of the ring. Steve Harvey reiterates over and over again that men are simple beings. They don't think as much about commitment as women do. I found this section very informative in telling women what to do and not to do to gain the commitment they want. Women should not get into deep with a man before asking questions. Steve mentions 5 questions we should ask over a period of time and before giving up the cookie.

There is so much a woman will learn from reading Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man. You will gain a better understanding of how 2 dimensional men really are. Now that I have read Steve Harvey's book I am hoping to try some of his suggestions mentioned in the book. I also found myself analyzing my current relationship which seems on the verge of a divorce. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a wonderful book for all women to read.

Remember Women to always act Like a Lady, because it will make your man happy!!!

4 stars

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

I have been reading a big variety of books this year. A mixture of Early Reviewer books and books that have been sitting on my shelf for ages. Well Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is one of those books I have been putting off reading for awhile. Here is my review of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist:

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is a charming young adult book about relationships, love and music. I loved the book and found it very entertaining. Nick is a bassist in a Queercore punk band and he is straight. Norah is a girl whose father is a music executive and is usually very straight laced and doesn't do anything wrong or out of the ordinary until she meets Nick.

I loved how they met in the book. Nick's band has just finished performing and he sees his ex with another guy and it hurts him. So he asks Norah is she will be his girlfriend for the next 5 minutes. The way Norah answers him is just so not typical most girls, she decides to kiss him. Both of their reactions to the kiss are so real that I just continued to root for them as a couple.

The chapters are written from both Nick and Norah's point of views, alternating, which I found very charming. You got to see how they each felt about the things that happened. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is about their whole night together in New York. Both have past baggage that they keep bottled up and have hurt both of them in trying to get into a new relationships. Their friends are the ones that see the truth of their feelings and play an underlying role in getting them to realize it.

This is a nice quick easy read for a nice relaxing summer evening, afternoon, or day. So if you need a nice enjoyable, relaxing read then pick up Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Now I just need to watch the movie and then I will give my thoughts on how the book was to the movie.

5 stars

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Most Awesomeness Movie of the Summer!!

Inception is fantastic!!!

Well I just came from seeing Inception and I have to say that I loved the movie. I can't believe that I had to wait until I had no one to go to the movies with to see it. This movie is a movie with everything, suspense, action, characters with depth and so much more.

Leonardo DiCaprio does a fantastic job of portraying his character Cobb. I found myself so engrossed in the movie that I didn't want the movie to end. The special effects are so intense you could hear the audience marvel at them during the movie.

When you go to see Inception, you need to have no other distractions. This movie is understandable as long as you pay attention. Inception is not a movie to go to with people that like to make comments during movies. Your full attention will be on the screen the whole time.

The music score for Inception is perfectly composed. I recommend this movie for mostly everyone over the age of 14. Go see INCEPTION!!!

5 stars

Friday, July 30, 2010

In Harm's Way by Ridley Pearson ~ Review

Well I won this book through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers Program. Most of the ARCs I have read and reviewed on this blog have been won through that program. I am always thrilled when I win a book from the ER program. I know some people that seem to do this for a living. They either receive books from actual publishers or authors. There reviews are also much better written then mine, even though sometimes I just skim the review because the review is too long for my liking. Now onto my review.

This is the first book that I have ever read by Ridley Pearson and I have to say I find his work pleasantly enticing. I love reading mysteries and was thrilled to win this book from the Early Reviewers program. I started reading the book as soon as it arrived in my mailbox.

In Harm's Way is the 4th book in the Walt Fleming Novels. I am honored to say that I was able to enjoy the book even though I was not familiar with the characters in the novel prior to reading this book.

Walt Fleming is sheriff in a small town in Idaho who is raising two twin eleven year old girls. I found Walt Fleming to be a complex character while still being interesting and entertaining. He has a small staff of deputies and a photographer whom is the love interest of Walt. I found some of the characters of little interest and didn't create a bond towards them while reading In Harm's Way.

In Harm's Way is a well crafted story of intrigue and suspense. As I read the book I found myself getting more and more drawn into the story and thinking I knew who did it before I finally reached the end. It is enjoyable when reading a book and not being able to figure out who committed the crime before the end. I was getting to the point where I started to actually talk back to the characters while reading the book. When that happens you know I am drawn into the story.

I will be looking at my library to see if they have any of his books and if not maybe make a request to see if they will in the future. I enjoyed the book and found the writing fun and at times a little tiresome. I felt that Walt would say the same things over and over again and that became annoying at times. Otherwise I enjoyed the story and to me that is the most important thing in a book. You should enjoy the story and not nit pick about writing style unless it really ruins the whole book for you, in my opinion.

I give In Harm's Way 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Salt ~ Who is she really?

So I went and saw Salt this afternoon with my friend Amy. She actually asked me what I would say on my blog about the movie. I replied that I was going to tell everyone how I was dragged to the movies again. No one has to drag me to the movies at all. I love to watch movies and I always give each one a chance. I did want to see Salt since I had seen it in the previews this year.

I am not one that has followed Angelina Jolie's acting career. I don't know exactly what she is best known for besides having stolen the heart of Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston. Angelina is a wonderful actress in the movies that I have seen her in.

Salt is a movie about a CIA agent (Angelina Jolie), who is told by a Russian informant that she is a Russian spy and will assassinate the Russian President. That is what draws you into this movie. You will wonder if Salt is a spy or is she really being set up by someone during the whole movie.

This film is action packed and the twists and turns in Salt will keep you guessing on the ending of this movie. Angelina Jolie does a fantastic job with the stunts she has in this movie. The way she climbs the walls before she kicks an opponent or when she is running for her life and jumping from semi truck to tanker etc.

As the movie progressed I started to make conclusions about how the movie would end. I was a little surprised by the ending of the movie. I did realize that Salt was not who she really seemed in the movie. Can a person really be one thing and then change after being programmed as a child? That is one thing you will have to discover by going to see Salt.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows REALEASE DATE 11/19/10!!!!

This is to all HP fans. I just happened to go to my email and had a message in my inbox about what this post had been about. Here is the message:

Hi there,

We found your blog post about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1's release date being moved to February 2011. This rumor is not true, and the film is still scheduled for release on November 19, 2010. Please remove this blog posting, as we don't want this rumor to continue being circulated.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!


Alicia Leung
Interactive Marketing Coordinator / Warner Bros. Pictures

All worrying can now stop!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The movie I didn't enjoy...

Well this may be a humdinger to those that know me. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have to say that what really got me into Harry Potter was the fact that they were making a movie of the first book, The Sorcerer's Stone. Once I heard about the movie I had to read the book and all I have to say is Thank God for WB doing the movies otherwise I don't think I would have picked the books up.

I am sure you have guessed that the movie I didn't enjoy was an HP movie. Yes that is correct. There is an HP movie that I didn't like when I saw it for the first time in the movie theater. Let me give you some background on my HP movie experiences. When the first movies came out I would see them usually once. At about the 3rd movie I decided to see the movies at midnight and then take the next day off and see it either 3 or 4 times that day. Well I loved each one the first time except for one.

I will say that I did learn after the first couple of movies not to expect everything that was in the books to be in the movie. That is fine I understand that not everything converts well to film. Each of the HP movies improved every time. After I saw the movie I couldn't wait for the next one to come out. I felt that way after Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, etc... Now for the exception to that previous statement is the last movie that was released last year at this time.

Yes I did not enjoy Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I was anticipating this movie since I had finished reading the book with the same title and the last book in the series. I was expecting so much from this movie. This was the book that leads up to the war between good and evil. You learn so much about all the characters, Voldemort, Snape, Draco etc... Some of that was there.

I left the theater after seeing the movie at midnight with a bad taste in my mouth. I thought, I am going to see this tomorrow, ugh. I didn't feel a cliff hanger at the end. I felt cheated. I felt blah. I felt like I didn't want to see the last movie when it came out. I was ready to say it was good while it lasted.

Now you maybe thinking, why, so what, you know the books are almost always better then the movies. Yes that maybe true but I still didn't like the movie. I should have know when the movie got a PG rating instead of PG-13 like the 2 previous movies had been rated. Knowing how GoF and OoP books were I figured the HBP movie should also have had a PG-13 possibly R rating. Well it didn't, they made a movie that was just too cute for what should have happened.

I know that in the book there is budding romances and all the characters are starting to realize their attraction to the opposite sex. That is fine but to make that the most important aspect of this movie was just ludicrous. That was nice brevity for the book and the movie but not the whole meaning of the Half Blood Prince. Each book and movie was always about the titles. You want to know who is the Half Blood Prince, the Prisoner of Azkaban etc. I didn't feel that in this movie. I felt it to babyfied (if that is even a word), too much of the sweetness instead of the fights.

My biggest disappointment was the way you find out who the Half Blood Prince is. I just felt oh that was it. I felt Bellatrix was too goofy instead of scary. My son was watching the movie recently and he asked me who the HBP was. He just wanted to know because he thought the person was supposed to be an actual prince. The thing that I don't feel came across well in the movie was that the person who is the HBP is not because they are nobility but it is their mother's last name and that he/she is a Half Blood. I am sure those who are reading this post know who the HBP is I just don't feel comfortable stating it. I don't know why, I guess I just don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen the movie.

Now I do have to say that after watching the movie over and over and over for the past couple of weeks, I enjoy the movie and I am looking forward to the last two due out in Nov. 2010 and July 2011. I am looking forward to them because of the previews that I have seen. I hope they live up to what they should be which is R rated movies. Please don't down play the war in these movies. They are supposed to be dark!!

Now I think I have said enough about this movie. I hope to see you all around my blog soon!!

My ramblings..

This post isn't going to pertain to books or movies. This is just a post of some of my meandering thoughts. So forgive me for my babble and thanks for taking the time to read my babble.

I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year, since it is summer in my part of the country. I know I am quite enjoying this summer even though I have had some ups and downs over the past year. Some of the upsides to this year have been my daughter graduating high school and completing her first year at college. I am thrilled that she is enjoying her college life and education. I sometimes wished I was able to attend a 4 year college and have the experiences she is having, then when I think of that I think I may never have had her or my son. The other great thing is that my son graduated high school this year. I am thrilled that he graduated because he gave us/me a hard time in high school. He always loved school and then high school he just changed. He didn't want to go, he seemed depressed. I never really found out what happened or why he hated school all of a sudden. He finished his schooling by doing online education. I think it was good for him to some extent then other times I think he should have been in the actual classroom. What's done is done, nothing to change now. I just hope he does decide to continue his education because he is a bright person and I know he will be successful at what ever he decides to do.

Another upside to this past year is that I have lost 40 pounds. Yes that is correct. I was astonished when I found out my actual total. Considering I never had a weight problem before in my life to waking up and realizing how unhappy I was with myself and being able to turn things around and start loosing weight. Now I just need to continue with this goal of weight loss so that I can knock some guys socks off again.

Now on to some downsides of this year. I think the biggest downside was last July (2009) a few days after my daughter's graduation party. My husband of 20 years decides to leave me. The way he did it was the cowards way. He did it over the phone. I was with the kids. My daughter and I had just come back from having lunch when I called to see where he was and about what time he would be home. He told me he wasn't coming home. I was shocked to say the very least. My daughter and son heard and saw me crying and I had to tell them.

The thing that hurt me the most was the fact that after I had told my children what he had said, my son left the room and I learned later that he had messaged his dad and asked him if it was his fault. That broke my heart for my child to feel that way. Till this day when I think about it I cry. That message made my husband decide to come home just to put our son at ease and to let them know that it wasn't them but me. My daughter's reaction was tearful and anger at the same time. She wanted answers and yet she was mad at her dad for doing this.

Well to make this a little shorter I will let you know that he said he didn't love me anymore, that I was ugly and fat. He also informed me that he hasn't loved me for awhile. To this day I still don't know if any of that was true or just him trying to make himself feel that what was coming next was okay and that he really wasn't an ass. I found out that there was another woman, younger at that. I really am not sure how old she is, but I believe she is in her late 20's, maybe.

That hurt the most because he left me because some younger, bitch found him attractive. I personally don't think she found him attractive I think she sees him and thinks, unhappy man, with a good job, grown kids so he has to have money. Sorry to inform her but his ass is broke. I was hurt the first time and I still am to this day.

He realized that he still loved me and decided to come back. And let's say that it worked for awhile but then he did something even worse this time around. He took money out of our joint account and gave it to her. Now I usually don't get upset but it was a lot of money and when I asked for money we never had any. That pissed me off even more then him cheating on me. Now all I worry about is if he decides to divorce me how am I going to live on my own and survive. It is very scary and not something I want to experience at this time in my life.

I am at the time in my life when I should be able to enjoy the freedom I now have with the kids being older and preparing them for the real world, but instead I have to worry about them going to college and getting jobs and whether I will have to move in with my dad or someone else just to survive.

Well this post has turned into a very long one and if you do decide to read it I want to say thanks for taking the time and I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. My next one is going to be about a movie that I was not impressed with when I saw it in the movie theater. Happy day all!!

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I forgot to post about seeing this movie this past weekend. I am not one that is great with words when trying to write. So I just type what I feel or think about things. Okay now onto my thoughts of this movie.

My friend Amy wanted to go to the movies and she wanted to see this movie. Personally I want to see Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. Since I am a very nice friend and will pretty much enjoy just about any movie (only one exception to that), I decided to go. I wasn't thrilled with seeing The Sorcerer's Apprentice and I think that is because I have watched all the Harry Potter movies, and I am a huge fan of them, I felt that this movie was just trying to cash in on that idea. I still feel that way but will say that I enjoyed the movie.

I have a retention problem when it comes to recalling movies or even books after I have viewed them or read them, so please forgive me if I mention anything that is not absolutely correct about this movie. First off I have to say that I do enjoy Nicholas Cage as an actor and have seen many of his performances. Mr. Cage did a superb job in his role as Balthazar. I am not going to try and explain all the background information for this movie, mainly because I don't remember everything that was mentioned in the film and I don't think you need to be informed of this before seeing the movie.

The main idea of The Sorcerer's Apprentice is that there is a boy who will be born and will be able to defeat the evil Morgana, who has destroyed Merlin. Morgana wants to take over the world and kill everyone. Morgana is portrayed by Alice Krige. The boy who is supposed to be able to destroy Morgana is named Dave who is played by Jay Baruchel.

I was impressed with the special effects in this movie and found myself drawn into the plot of the movie. I was also impressed with Jay Baruchel, since I don't remember seeing him in too many other movies. His character is an awkward boy and young man and he does fantastic in making those characteristics come out on the screen.

If you need a nice family night out or even just a night out for a relaxing evening I would suggest seeing The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I am quite pleased that I saw this movie and now my goal is to try and talk my friend Amy into going to see Inception.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knight & Day

My friend and I had decided we need a night out to the movies and she chose to see Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. This wasn't one of my most wanting to see movies but I will go to almost any movie. We chose to see the movie on a Friday afternoon. I didn't anticipate any problems with the movie being sold out.

The movie was entertaining yet I felt it was predictable in some areas. Tom and Cameron were great together in this movie. Tom does a fantastic job of playing a character that you are trying to figure out if he is really insane and paranoid or just doing his job and trying to prove his innocence.

I found myself laughing at the interaction between Cameron and Tom in the fight scenes and just in general. Seeing Tom fight in this movie compared to the Mission Impossible movies was quite refreshing. This is a nice comedy movie to pass a rainy summer day or even a very humid summer day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Genoa Bay by Bette Nordberg ~ Review

Another book from the ER program at Library Thing.

When I won this book I was delighted and excited about reading the book. I liked and disliked the book. The writing was great and interesting. The story is about a widow, Brandy Beauchamp, who inherits a bed and breakfast in Canada from a woman who took her in as a teenager after she had runaway from home.

The characters you meet in the book are Brandy, her daughter Gabby (just adorable), Eve (Brandy's friend from Florida), Cliff, and Herbert Karras. Brandy's 'adoptive' mother, Maggie, dies and leaves Brandy the old Bed and Breakfast. Brandy receives this inheritance at a time when she is trying to figure where she really belongs since her husbands death. Gabby is a lovable little girl of 7. Gabby is what keeps Brandy going and also questioning everything she does. Brandy decides to try and resurrect the Bed and Breakfast again after much debating in her head. She is afraid of the money she doesn't have to fix the place up. She worries about her daughter not liking the place at first. Brandy also doesn't enjoy feeling needy which makes her stubborn when offered help from the Marina Manager, Cliff.

I found most of the story predictable and boring. The reason the story was boring is when Brandy would always mention god and over analyze everything. I usually don't mind God being mentioned in a story in subtle terms. With Genoa Bay at times I felt that I was being preached to about God, which was a turn off. I then decided to just read the book without thinking about the God references, which made the story more enjoyable.

Towards the end of the book, at about Chapter 20 the story became interesting and I had difficulty putting the book down. I found myself wanting Brandy to win against all the trouble and misfortune that came her way. I felt that Brandy was a fighter but also very vulnerable and unsure of herself. I can not say that this book is a book that I will highly recommend to people. I will say to give it a try and form your own opinions about Genoa Bay.

2 1/2 starsflag abuse

The Broken Blue Line by Connie Dial ~ Review

This is another book I won through Library Things Early Reviewers program. I have to say that I have been quite pleased with the books I have recently won through the ER Program.

The Broken Blue Line is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I love mysteries with suspense, and a little bit of romance thrown in for some smiles and laughs. I have to say that The Broken Blue line did not disappoint me. I found the characters very endearing and able to appreciate them. I did find myself confused when I first started reading the book. I was getting the characters confused.

The Broken Blue Line is about Internal Affairs and crooked cops. Those styles of books are always very interesting reads. When I read books like this I always visualize it in real life and not just being fiction. Most of these books I feel are based on some actual facts.

Turner is a memeber of IA and soon becomes the focus of an investigation. I found it interesting how the members of his squad were divided about him. Turner's partner and friend, Reggie and Miller are the ones who want to help Turner prove his innocence and at the same time capture the real cop that is their prime suspect.

Reggie is the one that doesn't mind breaking the rules and circumvention authority to get to the truth. Miller is the wise craking one that doesn't like authority. Turner, Reggie and Miller work well together and make the best IA team even though the one boss hates them.

I hope to read more books by Connie Dial.

4 stars

Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness by Tilly Bagshawe ~ Review

I won this book through Library Things Early Reviewers program. Sidney Sheldon's After the Darkness is a wonderfully written story of suspense, intrigue, mystery and betrayal. The principle character in After the Darkness is Grace Brookstein. Her character goes through so many changes and growth from the start of the story. Grace is the wife of Lenny Brookstein, who died while out on his boat and the death is ruled a suicide. Lenny is the financial wizard behind an investment company called Quorum.

After the Darkness starts out with Grace on trial for theft of billions of dollars through Quorum. She is innocent and feels that she will be cleared of all charges. Her trusting nature is what causes her many problems and heartbreak through the story. Those who she thought were her family and friends turn on her and don't want to help her during her trial and even after her day in court. She is surprised by her family's reaction. This is when Grace starts to go through a change. She is a lady that is used to things always being easy for her. Grace goes from a trusting, innocent child like woman to a woman of strength and realizes her true worth and that she can stand on her own two feet without the help of a man. I found myself eagerly hoping for her to survive every obstacle and hardship she encountered during the story.

Once you start reading After the Darkness you will not be able to stop. After the Darkness is a page turning novel of intrigue and suspense. I loved how the story was summarized at the end of the book. The ending for Grace is one of pure surprise. You may like it or you may feel jilted.

5 stars

The Lovely Bones ~ Review

The Lovely Bones is the fictional story of a girl who is brutally murdered and raped. The story starts with her stating she is dead. She then goes on to tell you how it happened. The girl is named Susie and is only 14 when she is murdered. You will not be able to put the book down when you are reading it.

Susie explains how her rape and murdered happened. You know who the culprit is from the very beginning of the story. Susie is the narrator through the whole book. You see things through her eyes. Seeing how her family is dealing with her first missing and then learning she is most likely dead when her elbow is found by a neighbors dog. Her family consists of her sister, Lindsey who is a year younger, her brother Buckley who is only 4 at the time, her mother and father. Her Grandmom comes to help the family cope with the problems that arise during the years after Susie's murder.

Susie's father takes her death hard because they are very close. Her mother deals with Susie's death differently and hurts the whole family in the long run. Lindsey senses that when everyone looks at her they see her sister and closes herself from certain people and also changes. Susie longs to be back with her family and wishes she was on earth with them.

The story is one that pulls at your heart strings. As I read the book it made me think about the people I have lost in my life and how I have always felt that they are with me even when I don't realize it. Susie's father concentrates on finding the person who has done this to his little girl. It starts to consume him and he is always contacting the police to give them advice and to tell them he knows who did it even when he has no evidence.

This is a nice, quick read and one that I highly recommend.

5 stars

Living Dead in Dallas ~ Review

The second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris is a very interesting read. The story starts with Sookie discovering a dead body in the police chiefs car that was left in Merlot's parking lot since he was too drunk to drive home last night. The body turns out to be the cook from Merlot's. There are new characters introduced as Sookie and Bill travel to Dallas to help out other vampires who are looking for a vampire that has been missing.

While in Dallas, Sookie meets another person who is a telepath, finds others who transform into other animals just like same. I found the story one that I couldn't put down. I enjoyed seeing Sookie learn more about her powers and to also try communicating with the other telepath when she needed help.

I have been on a kick of reading the Sookie Stackhouse books this year. I would like to read all of the books in this series that have been released but then I don't want to have to wait too long for the next one to be released. I did all that waiting with the Harry Potter books.

I also love the True Blood Series that is based on these books. Even though True Blood doesn't follow the books perfectly I still enjoy both the books and the series as two different entities.

5 stars

The Picture of Dorian Gray ~ Review

Wow is all I have to say about The Picture of Dorian Gray. I didn't think I would like this book and I was pleasantly surprised with this book. This is the first book I have ever read by Oscar Wilde.

The writing in the book was wonderful. The characters words just flow like music as you read the book. I found myself not wanting to put the book down as I was reading. Dorian, Lord Henry and the Artist Harry interact so well with each other. There is a different relationship between all 3 of them and to see the relationships change through the book was enthralling.

The ending of the book was quite a surprise to me. When I read it I laughed at how well written the story was and the fact that I never realized the ending until the very last second.

I can't wait to read more books written by Oscar Wilde!! I have to say that I am now more curious to read more of the classics then I was before I had picked up The Picture of Dorian Gray

5 stars

American Wife ~ Review

American Wife is a book I don't feel I would have read on my own. This book was chosen for my Library Book Club. I was quite pleased with the story. American Wife chronicles the life of a girl, Alice Lindgren, whom has become the First Lady. American Wife is written in 4 parts, each part represents where she was living at that time. The story takes place from the 1950's to about 2007.

The first part is her young childhood through about her college years. She goes through a lot during her young life. She discovers her grandmother is a lesbian, she has an abortion and is involved in an accident that kills the boy she has feelings for at this time. The story starts with Alice and her grandmother running into a child from her class and her grandmother thinks the child is a girl when actually the child is a boy. The boy's name is Andrew Imhof. When Alice travels to Chicago with her grandmother is when I really felt the story had drawn me in. I wanted to know what was going to happen next from that moment on.

The next parts are defining moments in Alice's life. She is a librarian at an elementary school and loves to read. It was wonderful to see so many books mentioned throughout this novel. You are introduced to the men that she dates and ultimately her husband. I loved how their romance blossomed in a very short time and they knew how much they loved each other.

4 1/2 stars

My Challenges!!

Those that know about LibraryThing will understand what I mean by my challenges. Here is some information about LibraryThing (LT). Library Thing is a website that I joined to catalog all my books, either that I own, or borrow. Plus it helps me with keeping track of what I have read and so that I can also remember what certain books are about. On LT there are challenges to do if you are interested. This year I have decided to do a bunch of challenges. They are:

50 Book Challenge
1010 Challenge
Alphabet Challenge
Books off the Shelf Challenge

Here is some information on the Challenges...

50 Book Challenge

My goal is to read 50 books this year. The books can be from any genre, year, writing style etc. I have also included Comic Books. I tried this last year and came up short, so I decided to try for 50 again this year. If I am able to make this challenge I may decide to try for 75 books next year. Here is a link to my 50 Book Challenge:

1010 Challenge

This Challenge is different for everyone. Over the past few years the challenges have been, 999 Challenge or 888 Challenge etc.. That means that your goal is to read 9 books in 9 categories in 2009. You change the amount for each new year, if you want too. Now this 1010 Challenge is being done differently by everyone. Some are doing it as a Step Challenge; which means, 10 Categories and reading 1 book in category 1, 2 books in category 2 etc. Some are doing it with trying to read 5 books in 10 different categories. My goal is to at least read 1 book in 10 Categories. My ultimate goal is to read 5 or more books in each category. Here is a link to my 1010 Challenge:

Alphabet Challenge

Now for my Alphabet Challenge there is no time limit, which means I can finish it in a few years. I started this Challenge in Oct. 2009. This Challenge can be done in different ways.
1. You can read a total of 52 books 26 by Author's Last Name & 26 by the Title of the book.
2. You can read just 26 by either of the choices above.
3. You can also place books in both sections if you want.
You have the freedom to do this Challenge anyway you want to. Here is a link to my Alphabet Challenge:

Books off the Shelf Challenge

This is a challenge to read as many books that you want to this year that have been on your book shelves for too long. My goal is to read 30 books. This one can be difficult because I never know what I want to read at any given time. I will be happy if I read 30 b00kd from my shelves this year. Then maybe I can either donate them, give them away on other sites, or share them with my friends. Here is a link to my Books off the Shelf Challenge:

So those are my Challenges for this year. Most of my reviews are posted in all the threads. I find it interesting as to how LT has made me more aware of the books I read and to also try new authors, genres etc. I hope you have enjoyed this post about my Challenges and maybe you will decide to check out LT for yourself!! Happy Reading All!!!~

I've been MIA for too long!!

I am back!! I am sorry to have been missing my posts. I really don't know why I haven't posted recently or that often besides having things going on in my life that I just couldn't handle at the time. I am going to start posting my reviews and thoughts on some books I have read over the past couple of months.

Hopefully some people will notice that I am back and will comment on my posts. Hope to see everyone again soon!!

Happy Reading All!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

This is my first Agatha Christie book. I have been informed by many people that I would love Agatha Christie's books. I admit that is true. I started The Body in the Library this morning. Every free moment I had I was reading the book.

How would you react to finding a body in your library? I don't know if I would be as calm as the woman in this book. Mrs. Bantry was thrilled with finding a body in her library. This was her chance to be a sleuth. That is what she was eager for.

The Body in the Library is a Miss Marple Mystery. Miss Marple is the sleuth in the village of St. Mary Mead. Mrs. Bantry calls Miss Marple up to the house when the body is found.

I enjoyed the book except for the parts that were written in French. Since I have never taken French some of the jokes were lost on me. Ms. Christie's writing style is one that is new to me. The book was a nice easy week end read.

5 stars since I didn't know until the very end who the murderer was..

I borrowed this book from the library and since reading this book I have started to purchase Agatha Christie books from the book store.

The Outlander by Gil Adamson

This book I had started reading and then had my rough patch that I was going through and had trouble concentrating on the book that is why it took so long to read it.

It took me a long time to read this book just because I went through a rough patch in July and Aug. I had borrowed the book from the library in the beginning of July and was really enjoying it when my life took a turn for the worse. I just couldn't read any books with out crying or not knowing what I was reading. I finally had to return the book and waited a few months before I borrowed it again. I am glad I waited and didn't try to read it or just gave up on it.

I really enjoyed the book. The Outlander is the story of a woman in the early 1900's. The story starts with her running from her brother-in-laws. She goes through all these changes as she is on the run. The woman is Mary Boulton. She is a widow.

On her journey she meets many interesting people and really discovers things about herself that she didn't know before. I found myself as I read this book wanting things to work out for her. I was pleased with most of the book except for the end. I felt a little bit was missing. I don't know what it was. I just know I wanted to know what happened with the brother-in-laws, otherwise it was a good book and well worth the time to read.

3 1/2 stars

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret was recommended to me by a friend on Facebook because of something very difficult I am going through. He just kept going on how the book changed his life and that how what you are thinking and feeling is what will happen. I went into reading the book with skepticism. The basis of the book is the Secret to living a wonderful life and being able to receive everything you want and deserve.

As I was reading the book I noticed how my emotions were influencing the things around me. I started to tune into my feelings and try to think positive thoughts. I noticed myself starting to feel better and getting happier as I read the book. I know that I will use this book as a reference when ever I feel negative feelings or thoughts. I am not going to try and persuade anyone that this book is the meaning to life. I will tell you that The Secret is a great book to help you find the real you and to discover the positive energy from with in you. So I would recommend reading The Secret for some great soul searching and healing.

I read this book back in Sept. and Oct. when I had a very difficult situation I was going through. I have to say that this book did help me get through that rough time and has changed the way I view some things in my life and life in general. I cannot say that this book changed my situation and made things better. I do believe it helped but that is all it did for me.

4 stars

Act Like a Gentleman, Think Like a Woman by Maria Bustillos

Well this was a fantastic book!! I won the book in the Library Thing Member Giveaway program and was looking forward to reading it. I have yet to read Steve Harvey's book that this book is written in response to. I will be reading Steve Harvey's book soon. Act like a Gentleman, Think like a Woman was a very entertaining read even though I am a woman. I could see myself in some of the descriptions of the different types of woman she talks about. I know I am not a Patsy, the name she gives to the woman that every man wants.

Maria writes that Steve's book is talking about how all women want is to get the ring from the guy. She counters with the fact that all men want is to get laid. I found myself laughing while reading the book, because of the things she revealed about women and saying how we love to hear how beautiful we are and that it should be all about us. I have to agree and disagree with that. It is great when a guy praises you and flatters you but sometimes it can get very annoying if it is the only thing that they talk about. I realized that when my hubby says things like that, that I do get turned on. It is nice to hear, we sometimes need to be praised to continue to be happy. At least that is what I noticed in myself while reading this book.

I don't know if everything will work in this book for a guy to find that Patsy so that he can get laid. I will say if you find the girl she describes then you should have no problem with getting what you want.

5 stars

Look Great, Live Green by Deborah Burnes

I have to thank the publisher for emailing me about this book. I am glad I decided to read and review this book. I found the book very interesting and informative.

When I first started this book I thought it was just going to be someone trying to tell me how I should be using certain types of personal care products and pushing their own products on me. I was truly mistaken. Look Great, Live Green is a book that teaches and informs you of the misconceptions we have been raised to believe. I found the book well written and easy to follow while reading.

If you are trying to figure out why your skin keeps looking older, dryer or just not what you are use it is most likely due to the so called 'natural' products you are currently using. Most of the cosmetics out there are not as natural as you may think. I learned that some of the products that I have now are not as natural as I thought. Anyone that is interested in saving money, time, their skin, and the environment should take a look at this book.

Deborah Burnes has her own line of personal care products that are natural. She did not force her products on you as you read the book. Deborah rates products from, Good, Better and Best. Some categories do just have Better or Best because she felt that was adequate. She also tells you not to try and change everything at once, you need to find your comfort zone and the products that are right for you.

There is a chapter on recipes to create your own natural products which I hope to try sometime. The end of the book lists resources to do research on your own. There is also a section that lists the natural products and there benefits plus a list of toxic ingredients and the cautions on how to handle them, if they are accidentally ingested or make contact with certain parts of the body and some diseases they are linked to. Now just reading those sections makes me not want to use the non natural products just out of fear of really causing severe injuries.

5 stars

Highland Hearts by Virginia Brown

This book I am giving away over at in the member giveaway of the Early Review program. I also registered it with so it has a BCID number so whomever wins can journal it on there and possibly send it to someone else or leave it somewhere in the wild.

I finally finished this book. This book took me awhile to get into the characters and just the story itself. This book started off slow for me with not much action or love interest. Once the story got interesting I was able to read the book without feeling like a chore.

This is the story of a Scottish Lass named Lianna. She is a proper lass and educated, she is just a naive young lady about life, relationships and the such. Lianna and her cousin Mary are watching these soldiers march into Glencoe when Lianna falls into the arms of a very handsome Scottish fellow, Cameron. Right from that moment you know that they have feelings for each other but it felt so boring.

Once the massacre happens at Glencoe is when the love and romance really start to show and bloom. Lianna and Cameron are trying to survive in the highlands while a blizzard is happening. This is when the story moved for me, most of the time. I skipped a lot of the little descriptions about their surroundings because it felt very boring and not interesting at all.

Not a book that I want to keep. I gave it 2 1/1 stars

Here's to you Rachel Robinson by Judy Blume

One thing about my blog is that I try to post all book reviews, whether they are new or old books. I know I haven't been posting them as much lately, it is just that I have been busy with the holidays and the new year. I am going to post most of my reviews that I wrote since May of 2009. Hopefully I will be better this year with posting all of them on time. Here are my thoughts on Here's to you Rachel Robinson, a kids book.

You may wonder why I decided to read a kids/childrens book, well it is because I was doing a challenge last year and one of the categories was to read YA/Children books. It is nice to see what you think of a book that you had when you were little now that you are older.

This is a very nice easy read for young pre-teens. I read the book just because I wanted a nice light easy read. I found myself laughing at the girls in the book as I remembered acting sometimes like them.

Rachel Robinson is a 13 year old girl who is highly intelligent and loves to learn. She is the youngest of the children in her family. She has an older brother who she finds annoying. I am sure many sisters would agree that their brother would be annoying too.

Rachel has two friends who she shares almost everything with. Her friends find her brother cute and interesting which makes her mad at them sometimes.
41/2 stars