Sunday, May 31, 2009

Review of Peter Carrot-top in Search of the 8th Key

Well this review is not going to be nice. Peter Carrot-top is a book that I had to force myself to finish reading. When I had originally seen this book offered on Member Giveaway it sounded interesting and I thought I'd give it a try. Unfortunately Peter Carrot-top did not capture my attention. I found the book very slow going in the beginning. I know that the beginning of books can be boring but this book was poorly written. It felt choppy to me as I was reading the book.

This book is about ghosts, wizards, good vs. evil, and the elders of Baja. Baja is going to have a war amongst the wizards and ghosts of Baja. The concept for the book is different and I feel had the potential to be a very interesting story. Yolanda Jackson does not bring forth a good story. I found many grammatical errors, words missing in sentences and just general horrendous editing.

I am glad to say that I finished the story and can be very honest that the story took a long time to really get interesting. It took until approximately chapter 18 to really get to the adventure and battles, but once again it felt drawn out and overly wordy. Once you get to the final battle and Peter needs to get the key to free the elders it is interesting and then every think works out and the story ends. As I was reading the book, a chapter would start to get interesting, then the next chapter would start and it would become monotonous.

I would not recommend this book just because I did not enjoy it. There may be someone out there that would enjoy this style of writing but I did not. This book rates 1 star out of 5

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo

When I had seen this book offered on Library Thing Early Reviewers I was very interested in the book. I didn't win the boo but a fellow LTER finished with it and offered it to others. I am thrilled to have requested the book and to have had the privilege of reading Sworn To Silence.

The main character of Sworn to Silence is Kate Burkholder who grew up Amish and decided to leave the Amish way of life. She is now the Chief of Police in Painters Mill, Ohio, her former hometown. She has a secret that makes Sworn to Silence a thriller.

The plot of Sworn to Silence is that a serial murdered is back after sixteen years. After the first body is discovered questions arise as to, why such a long hiatus between these murders? Does Kate know who the murderer is?

You will be trying to figure out who the murderer is and if Kate really is hiding the identity of the murderer. You are in for a jolt of surprises and mutilation in the murders. If you can handle reading about torture and sex crimes then grab yourself a copy of Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo.

I was utterly thrilled by this book and look forward to reading more books by Linda Castillo.

5 stars

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My view of Alien abuductions

Gray Apocalypse is a book that keeps you wanting more. Once you start reading, Gray Apocalypse, you won't be able to stop. James Murdoch has written a fantastic Science Fiction Thriller in Gray Apocalypse.

The Breeder Grays are the aliens that have been abducting humans for six decades. Their ultimate goal is to destroy all human life on Earth. So that the hybrids they have created can begin a new alien species on Earth.

Michael Kendon is the only one that can stop the Breeder Grays from destroying the Earth with the asteroid that the Breeder Grays control. Kendon only has three days till the asteroid will collide with the Earth. So many obstacles hinder Kendon on his mission to save mankind from total obliteration.

You will be drawn into this fast paced, action packed, thriller right from the start. Expect to loose yourself in the universe of the unknown. Pick up Gray Apocalypse and spend a day or two in a world with aliens. For James Murdoch's first novel he wrote and excellent Science Fiction Thriller in Gray Apocalypse.

5 stars

Review-Betty Crocker's Cooky Book

I remember my mom making cookies from this book. This was her book and was published in 1963. I loved reading the recipes and seeing the marks she made next to the cookies she made.
There are recipes in here that I have never even seen before. This book is great for all levels of bakers. The beginning goes over some basic utensils, measuring and even some hints. I highly enjoyed seeing the variations to many of the recipes in the book, just by adding a different spice or adding nuts.
The best part of the book for me was the section called Betty Crocker's Best Cookies. My version has the best cooky of certain 10 year or 5 year periods starting at 1880. I enjoyed reading the blurb about the cookie and the historical highlights of events that happened during those periods.
So if you need a new cookie recipe or just want to find an old favorite then check out Betty Crocker's Cooky Book!!

5 stars

Roadside Prey by Alva Busch

This book was very interesting to say the least. I was grossed out by most of the stuff this guy did to the women. Roadside Prey is the true story about Robert Ben Rhoades and his murders and assaults to women that he picked up on the highway, or at truck stops.
The story begins with Rhoades picking up a girl at a truck stop. Just reading the book gave me chills at how the young girls just went with him. He was able to manipulate them and make them feel very comfortable with him. As you read the book you learn more about his personal life and addiction to violent sex. If you can handle explicit detail about women having their bodies tortured with the devices that are shown in the book then you should give this book a chance.
I don't want to give away too much about what exactly happened to the girls, women and young ladies but just know that this guy was a sadistic man.

5 stars

Review-Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown

I have to first start off by saying that I have never trusted anyone who was or is a politician. I have always said that politicians lie, cheat and steal from their so called friends. So now on that happy note I have to say that I am some what surprised at what I read in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Mainly because of the way The White men swindled the Indians out of their land. As I read the book I would gasp at the things that I read. I hate to even think that I am possibly related to any of those white men. I do remember reading about the Trail of Tears, when I worked in the fourth grade. I just remember not really understanding why that happened. You are made to think that the Indians did some thing wrong and are savages.

This is a book that everyone should take the time to read. There is so much more information in this book then in any American History book you will ever read. We owe those Indians a lot. As I was reading the book I was talking to my husband's one uncle and he said that I would be shocked by the truth. He was right. And to think that all these years I never knew what I know now. I am glad to say that my kids are part Indian/Native American on their father's side. My son has been told that he looks like a Native American even with is red hair and blue eyes.

I loved this book and I am going to be looking for more books about Indians/Native American. I give this book 5 stars.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review- Fear of Flying by Erica Jong

This is a book that I have had on my shelf for a few years. I obtained the book from my brother in law when he moved into his house and there were boxes of books that the previous owner left there. He threw a few boxes out before my husband was able to tell him I would take them. I think I got lucky getting this book.

I decided to read Fear of Flying for a change of pace. I sure chose the right book for that. When I started reading Fear of Flying the title of the first chapter caught my attention. I have read books with cursing in them before but not one with it in the title. That didn't stop me from continueing the book, that made me more interested.

If you are needing a change in what you have been reading then pick up Fear of Flying. Fear of Flying is a story of what a woman really thinks about when it comes to sex. I found myself laughing inside while reading Fear of Flying.

Isadora is the lead female character who is married to Bennett, an analyist. Isadora is a writer. The revolves around Isadora and her feelings about family, sex and what she really wants out of life. Her sisters think she should stop writing and start a family. Isadora doesn't want to become like her sisters yet.

Fear of Flying was an enjoyable read even though at times I felt confused or lost in the story. I give Fear of Flying 3 1/2 stars out of 5 because of my getting lost or confused.
I did enjoy the book I just don't know if it will be one that I will re-read anytime soon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Workshop of The Second Self by Gary Wolf

I know two reviews posted in one day. This is a first for me. I have not been keeping up with this blog as much as I would like to. I read this book in about 5 days and have been thinking about how to review it. I know I over analyze everything I write or even consider writing. Now on to my review.

I received this book also from LT's Member Giveaway. I was surprised to receive the book the day after I found out I had won it. Very fast service made me want to read this book right away and write my review.

Workshop of The Second Self is a highly entertaining book and kept me glued to the pages. Every time I placed the book down I would pick it right back up and start reading again. The concept of a society in the future and being able to change yourself so that you can become some one better because you feel that you are entitled to it was the concept of this book. I consider it a society running amok.
The story is about a Disability Advocate, Clifton Pembroke, who is always helping people who are less fortunate to take over some one elses life, income and money. Clifton then becomes the target of a Disability Case. Now the shoe is on the other foot. He could loose everything and it causes many things to happen.
I could go on and ruin this book by telling you exactly what happens but that isn't fair to the author or to you. I suggest that if you have become intrigued by this review that you run out or search the web for Gary Wolf's book, Workshop of the Second Self and buy the book. I rate the book 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

Review-Stonger After Stroke

This is a book that I received from Library Things (LT) Member Giveaways. It is an Advanced Copy and there were some typographical errors which I expected. I found the book quite informative and very useful. Even though I have not suffered a stroke nor am I currently caring for some one I am glad to have had the opportunity to read the book and do my review. I have posted a review on LT and my forum.

Stronger After Stroke is a great book to learn about helping someone that has suffered a stroke. You learn that you should push the limits yet be cautious and always consult your doctor. Peter Levine does a great job of explaining the recovery process in detail. I like how each section was set up the same so you knew what to expect as you read. You first learn the concept/idea and then you learn how it is done. The last part of each section you are given the Precautions that should be taken.

If you consider yourself someone that wants to for armed with information than Stronger After Stroke is a great book to consider. This is the first time that I have ever read a book like this and was very pleased with the outcome of my experience. I feel confident to say that I am more prepared then before and that I can offer advice to someone if it is needed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

ARC - The Addict by Michael Stein

This is a book that I won on Library Things Early Reviewers. Below is my review of the book. I don't think I write the best reviews. I just write how I honestly feel about the books that I read.

When I read the little blurb about this book I figured it was about one patient and everything that that patient went through for that whole year. As I read the book I started to realize that the author is talking about one kind of patient and not just one person.

Michael introduces us to Lucy, who is the main patient he talks about in the book. The kind of patient he is also talking about in the book is the patient that is an Opiate addict. The author mentions other addicts who are either addicted to OxyContin, Heroin or Lucy's drug of choice Vicodin.

It took me awhile to get into the book mainly because of the author being in a session with Lucy and then he would start to write about another addict he was seeing, facts about addiction in general or just some questions he wanted to ask but didn't.

Overall the book was great and I highly enjoyed it. I was interested in seeing how Lucy would handle the affects of going through withdrawal from Vicodin. This isn't your typical book about a drug addict going into detox. This is a story about a young lady wanting to have a normal life without drugs. The Doctor has a program for addicts. It is not open to just anyone. He chooses those that he feels will benefit from his program. It is a slow process and not something that can happen over a few days, weeks or even months, especially when the addict has been using for about 15 years.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5

Monday, January 19, 2009

Presenting Lenore: Book Giveaway: Penguin Prize Pack 8+ YA Books!

Presenting Lenore: Book Giveaway: Penguin Prize Pack 8+ YA Books!

The Johnstown Flood of 1889 the Tragedy of the Conemaugh - Review

The Johnstown Flood of 1889 the Tragedy of the Conemaugh is written by Paula and Carl Degen. This is a book I bought at the Johnstown Flood museum years ago. I had never known about the Johnstown Flood until my in laws had taken us to the museum on one of our family vacations.

I love to read about actual events through out the world. This is something that I found interesting because it is something that happened in the state that I live. Even though it happened many years ago it is still something that shapes us as people and also to see how man can cause such terrible events themselves.

If you like to learn about history then this is a book you will enjoy. I give this book 5 stars.

Restless Hearts by Marta Perry - Review

This is a romance book I received for free in the mail. It is a Love Inspired book by Steeple Hill. They are trying to get me to join a club. This is the 2nd book I have received and read by Steeple Hill. I am really enjoying these books.

This book is about a woman who moves from San Francisco to Pennsylvania Dutch to become a mid wife. I found the story fast moving and couldn't stop reading it. It is nice to read a book about love and god together. Fiona moves to Pennsylvania Dutch and finds the families she has been missing all her life. Her mother's family is Amish and her father's family is not. Fiona knew nothing about her mother's family all she was ever told by her father was that her mother's family didn't want her mother back because she married him. I enjoyed this story considering I live in Pennsylvania and it was nice to see the Amish depicted so well in this story.

I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars.

You Lost him at Hello by Jess McCann -Review

I won this book on Internet Book Database and placing my review on my blog. This review is also on my website Monica's Media Madness, Library Thing and Books & Chat.

If you are single and tired of dating the wrong guy this book is for you. I enjoyed the book even though I am not single and looking for a man. The reason I enjoyed the book is because it made me think about the way I act around people whether men or women. I also started to pay attention to the way I act around people. There are parts of the book that I can see also helping you out if you are married.

This book is written by a sales woman, Jess McCann. She has taken the rules for making a sale and has used the techniques to get dates. Some of the things she talks about are knowing your product, love your product, packaging your product etc. The product in this book is you.

The SEE factor does work. It stands for Smile. Eye contact. Energy. Just try it when you are walking down the street or in the mall. See a guy whether he would be someone you really liked just look at him make eye contact smile with energy, then watch for the reaction. The reason I say that this works is because I have tried it at work or just when I am out and about. If I see a guy that I think is good looking I will do the SEE factor. I am not looking for them to approach me but it is nice when you see them smile back and give you a little nod or wave. You have made their day along with them making my day by acknowledging me.

Jess also dishes on her friends and explains what some of them do wrong. That made the book more real and not just a person trying to tell you something that they haven't tried themselves.

I rate this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Real Vampires Have Curves - Review

I finished reading this book in about 2 days. I really enjoyed this book. It was a cute funny book. I chuckled when Glory would be thinking and the other vamps would answer her questions that she never spoke out loud.

Glory made me feel that she is more of a real vamp then the ones I have seen in the Twilight books (which I do love). Gloriana or Glory as her friends call her, is a full figured Vampire. She was bitten when she was bloated. Glory is a vamp that has blended in with the humans for centuries and now she is trying to find her vamp powers.

There is a Vampire Hunter who makes Glory his next target. Blade, her on off again boyfriend comes to the rescue and wants her in more ways then I can say here. There is sex, death and more in this book.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Review of The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Well I finally got a chance to read this book. It was a very easy and enjoyable read. I enjoyed trying to figure out the meaning of the Fairy tales for the wizarding world.

The commentary from Dumbledore was quite entertaining.

If you need an easy and quick read then this is a good book to fulfill that need. I would give this book a 3 1/2 stars.

In Bed With Books: In Too Deep (+ Contest)

In Bed With Books: In Too Deep (+ Contest)

Great book!!! Click and check it out!!!