Sunday, September 23, 2012

I shot my man...

All I did was Shoot my Man by Walter Mosley

Another great win from Library Things Early Reviewers program!! This book started out slow for me but by the 3rd chapter I was interested in learning more about Leonid McGill!

Leonid is the main character in All I did was Shoot my Man. Leonid used to be a career criminal. He was best know for changing evidence in crimes to convict some people that should be convicted and some that were innocent. One of those persons is Zella Grisham. Leonid set her up as having stolen $58 million dollars from this corporation. Now that Leonid (LT) has decided to become honest he gets Zella release from prison for the stolen money. LT is also a private detective.

LT also has a family, a wife and 3 grown children. One boy who works for him, his name is Twill, a daughter known as Shelly and another son called Dimitri. The characters are all very unique and interesting in their interactions with each other as family. This added to my enjoyment of the book

The mystery is finding out who was the master mind behind this money heist and murders. LT and his family actually become targets of the culprits and are attacked in their apartment one night.

The ending was surprising and leaves me wanting to read more about LT McGill!

5 stars

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