Sunday, September 23, 2012

My catch up on 2011 reviews

Since I am so far behind on posting my reviews I am going to post reviews from my reads in 2011.  There maybe more then one review in a post.  This will depend on my mood and time.  Enjoy reading my reviews.

A Spy at Home by by Joseph Rinaldo

I received this book from the author requesting a review. I enjoy reading and will try any book and post a review.
A Spy at Home is the story about a retired CIA agent, his wife Louisa and their son Noah. You learn how Garrison and Louisa met and how they finally have a son. Their son Noah is not biologically theirs but a child that is rescued from a neighbors house after a fire. Noah has Downs Syndrome and most likely would not be adopted. Louisa has fallen in love with the baby and they decide to adopt him.

This story is about their life and raising a child with Downs Syndrome. You have a husband who has pretty much been out of the picture most of the time because of his job. The story does jump around a lot and that can be confusing.

I didn't care for how the book ended. I didn't feel satisfied when I finished the book. It left me hanging and wanting to hear more about Noah and how his life continued with Alzheimer's disease.

Otherwise I enjoyed the book and did tear up a little while reading the book. I don't believe I have ever read a book that focused on Downs Syndrome before. I had a neighbor growing up who had Downs Syndrome and am familiar with some of the characteristics with them. I enjoyed reading a book that did cover them in a good way and how endearing people with a disability really are.

I gave the book 3 stars.

I will give any book a try.  I will be honest about how I feel about the book.  I don't always critique writing style etc.  If I don't care for a writing style I will say that but I try not to let that influence on how my review will turn out.

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